About Us

columbia.tower Opinuns.com is a new and exciting online entertainment news site whose focus is to deliver celebrity news and current events from around the world. From celebrity gossip and breaking news to music and movie reviews and everything in between, this medium will create a unique approach to building a large and deeply engaged online audience. Simply put, Opinuns.com will keep you in tune with everything that goes on in Hollywood.

And starting this fall, Opinuns.com will host a weekly online talk show that creates a platform for viewers to interact with the show’s hosts and invited guests in real time through a live video stream. Yes, now viewers can anticipate savvy dialogue and engage in conversation as the most talked about entertainment news is streamed live through our online ipTV interface. This gives our users a deeper and far more personal level of engagement and interaction than any other electronic platform ever could. We are literally taking the media of live TV and making it social. What was once a shallow, one-dimensional medium – often referred to as a “vast wasteland” – is about to become a rich, multi-dimensional experience. And only Opinuns.com will bring it to you.

As the proverbial new kid on the block, Opinuns.com offers a rich, multi-dimensional user experience. We will remain committed to providing our viewers with a site that is clean and easy to navigate, while keeping our content fresh and engaging. It is our hope… Our goal is to create and maintain an unrivaled reputation for creativity and excellence as we keep people informed, entertained and connected, making Opinuns.com your number one online entertainment news source.

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