Opinuns Entertainment News is a transparent workforce. We look to employ people who have unique experiences, skills and a genuine passion for the entertainment industry. We thrive on innovation and originality, encouraging risk taking and divergent voices. In this business, people need to move quickly and be able to identify opportunities where they exist. From the obvious to the most imaginative of ideas, we encourage people to share their ideas so we can “Think Tank” next generation technologies that make online communication fun and seamless.

Employment with our firm is not a walk in the park. You will be challenged and expected to demonstrate your ability to produce on the highest level. Lessons learned have taught us to carefully evaluate each applicant’s experience, credentials and background before an interview is ever granted. We seek to employ only the brightest and creative of people to help build our firm. That said, if you think you have what it takes to be a part of an exciting and growing company and love taking on challenges, we encourage you to submit a resume for consideration. For those who submit their résumés, be advised that the information you provide will be held in the strictest of confidence and will not be shared with any third party organization.

If you’re looking for a workplace where synergy is more than a word, this could be your number one reason to work at You will find that diversity does matter within our company.

It is probably true that the best reason to work at isn’t any one reason — it’s a combination of many. We think we present an impressive array of opportunities for you to excel in what you do best, giving you the resources, creative freedom, and atmosphere to make you as productive as you can be.

Our salaries are very competitive, because we strongly believe that in order to keep experienced and talented people, you have to be willing to pay for them. But the door swings both ways. Your pay will be strongly influenced by the results you deliver and our overall business performance. When our business objectives exceed the goals we have in place, and you perform at the highest level, you will have an earnings opportunity that places you among the best and highest paid professionals in the industry. This program is based on how much you contribute to the company’s success, and how closely annual objectives are met in key areas.

At, you’ll find a culture where difference is valued, and where advancement is based solely on achievement. To attract and retain the best people, we’re careful to make sure that the value of our Total Compensation package is effective. How? By comparing our plans side by side with those offered by other companies. And, of course, by listening to employees and new prospects for their reactions to our package and for ideas on how to make an even better place to work.