Supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima wear Victoria’s Secret’s fantasy bras worth $2mil each

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With just a month to go until the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Show, the lingerie brand has revealed that this year’s catwalk finale will feature not one, but two ornately-designed Fantasy Bras for the first time in the show’s 19-year history.

Victoria’s Secret veterans Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima unveiled the dazzling designs on Good Morning America earlier today, while revealing that they will be the models with the honor of modeling the unique bejeweled bras. ‘This year it’s really exciting because it’s the first time that we’re going to have two Fantasy Bras on the fashion show,’ 33-year-old Adriana said. ‘I’m honored to be here with Alessandra, doing the show, walking the runway together. I cannot wait.’ Alessandra, 33, added: ‘We work out really hard for the show so we may as well have fun in those beautiful, amazing Dream Angel Fantasy Bras… It’s going to be the sexiest night on television.’

Each of the lingerie sets was made by Mouwad jewelers using 16,000 rubies, diamonds and sapphires, all of which are strung together with 18 karat gold, and took the designers more than 1,380 hours to make. But despite the ornate craftsmanship and the impressive array of precious gems incorporated into each design, this year’s bras, which are valued at $2million each, are relatively cheap in comparison with previous creations.

Last year, Candice Swanepoel modeled a $10million Fantasy Bra, while in 2011 Miranda Kerr wore was chosen to strut her stuff in a $2.5million set.

The most expensive Fantasy Bras to date were both worn by Gisele Bundchen, who had the honor of closing the 2005 show in a $12.5million bra and the 2000 show, while wearing a $15million ruby and diamond encrusted design.